The first vertebrates appeared around 525 million years ago.  Since then they have evolved into a vast array of animals of all shapes and sizes.  There is the tiny Papua New Guinea frog which measures only 7.7 mm in length and the blue whale which can grow to over 30 metres. Bare Bones is an exhibition that explores the form and function of the skeleton in animal physiology.  The seventeen displays look at adaptation and the evolution of species by examining skeletal anatomy. 


Species and topics

The exhibition is family friendly but also works with science national curriculum. The specimens have been chosen to tell specific stories:

  • Osprey – Birds of prey
  • White throated monitor lizard – Lizards
  • Meerkat – Insectivorous mammals
  • Ring-tailed lemur – Primates
  • Grey heron – Wading birds 
  • Cat, dog and mouse – Comparative display of canines and felines
  • Coypu – Rodents
  • Common frog – Amphibians
  • Thornback ray – Cartilaginous fishes
  • Carrion crow – Corvid birds
  • Sea bream – Bony fishes
  • Burmese python – Snakes
  • Wallaby - Marsupials
  • Emperor tamarin – Monkeys
  • Rhea – Flightless birds
  • Sheep – Hooved animals.
  • Bull shark skull – Shark dentition


Exhibition details


17 displays featuring real animal skeletons. Display cases, interpretation, graphics, a suite of interactives and high definition wall images are included. AV of X-ray images included.


The exhibition is currently booked for certain slots. Please ask about availability.


The exhibition can be accommodated in any space from 250sqm upwards. Depending on the space requirements the exhibition is flexible, so cases can be positioned throughout multiple rooms, or the option of adding further images and interactives as well as allowing venues to add material to the exhibition.

Past hires:

The Beacon Museum, Deep Sea World, The Oxfordshire museum.

Included in the hire:

Blue tokay staff to transport, install and deinstall. Storage crates are taken away during the hire. One-way transport is paid by the venue. We can supply learning packages and provide a merchandising offer.