We can provide you with high quality taxidermy and skeletal mounts to compliment your exhibition, display or education work.

Whether the specimen is part of your frozen acquisitions or you need us to source a particular specimen for you we can manage the process to complete specimen. Working closely with you and our team of taxidermists we can produce the specified mount for you.


Case Study - Commission project for new taxidermy mounts for Kelvingrove Museum and Art GAllery

ALBATROSS @ Kelvingrove Project.jpg

The West Court gallery redisplay project at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow involved a request for new taxidermy mounts.

Some the taxidermy mounts were provided by Glasgow Museums services but some were acquired specifically. 

The individual specimens were prepared by skilled taxidermists to the requirements of the client and delivered within the agreed time frame. The specimens included, a Leopard, Arctic Terns, an Albatross and a Tamarin.