Our touring exhibitions aim to increase visitor numbers and enhance the visitor experience.  The exhibitions provide high quality, popular, themed displays that have a wide appeal to audiences especially families and schools.  We take all the hard work out of hiring an exhibition by providing all the exhibitry including cases, LED lighting, text panels, graphics as well as a range of interactives and a gallery of wall-mounted images.  We install, de-install and store all the packing crates for the duration of the exhibition.  Each display has the option of further information accessed via QR code, and we can supply learning worksheets to use as part of a schools visitor experience.


a slither into THE secretive life

This exhibition delves into the fascinating life of snakes, showing their amazing natural history. Use of taxidermy, skeletons and photos demonstrates the distinctive features and behaviours of these extraordinary creatures.


celebration of the natural history of the British Isles

Our 'Wild' exhibition is a celebration of the natural history of the British Isles. It gives visitors the opportunity to see some of Britain's most elusive animals, and promote interest and appreciation for our native wildlife.


a look into the fascinatinG world of animal skeletons

'Bare Bones' is an exhibition that explores the form and function of the skeleton in animal physiology.  The seventeen displays look at adaptation and the evolution of species by examining skeletal anatomy.