Through our experience with natural history collections, we can come to your venue and use our knowledge of collection needs to make sure your specimens are stored correctly. We will work with the different areas of your collections, making sure we use approved materials and techniques to protect and store your specimens. For instance, we will work with your spirit specimens, making sure they are held in the correct jars with the correct type of fluid to ensure that they are safe and can be managed effectively. This may include re-boxing, re-spiriting, re-bagging and sealing etc. We can also look at the pest management system and environmental conditions of a store to make sure there are procedures and maintenance measures in place.

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CASE STUDY - York Museums Trust

York Museums trust requested our help with moving a collection of Herbarium material to a new location. This involved careful transportation of the delicate herbarium sheets into the new storage area. As a second project, we were asked to carry out some curatorial work to re-spirit their arachnid collection which had began to dry out due to environmental conditions. This involved rehydrating and topping up the preserving fluid within the containers.