With a wealth of experience, we can come to assess the condition of a collection at your venue.

As part of the consultation, we take into consideration the different types of material we may encounter such as mounted or skin taxidermy, wet specimens in spirit, specimens in display cases and the condition of the boxes or domes. Any item that is made of animal type material such as fur or feathers, botanical material, egg collections, shell and coral material, entomology collections, skeletal material, and any other natural history related items.

We will produce a report on all of these collections outlining areas for further conservation or storage related treatment.

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Chelmsford Museum 2018 PROJECT 1 - Deinstallation REPORT Title page.jpg


Chelmsford Museum redevelopment project involved the decant of natural history specimens from their permanent displays, transport and storage at the off-site storage facility. We were asked to produce a report indicating the best way to carry this out.

Blue Tokay were also asked to help design the new natural history gallery displays in the museum. This included reinterpretation of existing specimens and advise on how to use existing collections within the space.

They were also asked to help interpret the outside gardens and connect them with the natural history within the space.