We can advise and carry out changes to your storage to allow you to get the best use out of it as an accessible and usable space. Using our knowledge of collections needs we can change and organise your existing store to maximise the space for specific specimens, making them as accessible as possible. We can also add to your data management system to update your records with a numbering method to allow you to locate and use specimens when required.

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Case Study - Durham University Museum

The initial part of our Durham University Museum project was to work as consultants to assess a collection of natural history material which had been kept in a room, unchecked for many years. We went into the space and looked at the type of material that was there, and assessed the store in which the collection was to be moved to. We created a plan which looked at the processes involved to remove the collection, and take it to its new storage facility. We also advised on the new stores, how they would need to be adapted to take the specimens and what we would need to do to the specimens to make them good for travel and storage. This was presented as a document for the staff.

The second part of the project was to carry out the removal and treatment of the collections, which involved a freezer treatment. The collection was them placed in its new storage facility and each specimen given an updated record and location. The collection was then further assessed and a report produced to indicate recommended work for the conservation of individual specimens.