From high peaks and valleys to meandering rivers and powerful seas – see how animals are adapted to live and thrive in the varied environments of the British Isles. This exhibition is a celebration of the natural history of the British Isles. It will give visitors the opportunity to see some of Britain's most elusive animals and to promote interest and appreciation for our native wildlife.


Species and topics

The exhibition is family friendly but also works with science national curriculum. It focuses on British species and the relationship they have with their environment and their biology.

  • Red fox
  • Gannet
  • Stag beetles
  • Red squirrels
  • Barn owl
  • Great crested newts
  • Tree sparrows
  • Atlantic salmon

The exhibition looks at the following subjects:

  • Habitats
  • Adaptations to environments
  • Conservation needs
  • Biology of the specimen
  • Alien vs native species
  • Urbanisation
  • Life cycles


Exhibition details


8 displays featuring taxidermied, and model specimens of British wildlife. Display cases, interpretation, graphics, a suite of interactives and high definition landscape images of habitats are included.


The exhibition is currently booked for certain slots. Please ask about availability.


The exhibition can be accommodated in any space from 150sqm upwards. Depending on the space requirements the exhibition is flexible, so cases can be positioned throughout multiple rooms, or the option of adding further images and interactives. We are happy for you to take this opportunity to add to the exhibition with your collections.

Past hires:

Dorman Museum, Deep Sea World, Beverley Museum and Art Gallery.

Included in the hire:

Blue tokay staff to transport, install and deinstall. Storage crates are taken away during the hire. One-way transport is paid by the venue. We can supply learning packages and provide a merchandising offer.